XCSOURCE 30A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller Solar Panel Battery Intelligent Regulator LD296




XCSOURCE® 30A PWM 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller is a very intelligent solar controller based on microprocessor.

The usage of microprocessor and other more accurate digital circuits ensures:

  • More precise and reliable performance and regulation of the controller  in very low and high temperatures and humidity which translates into improved controller efficiency
  • More precise tracking of different battery charging states and their control and regulation
  • More precise governing and implementing  of the different protection mechanisms which are typical and obligatory for every PWM charge controller: battery overcharging, discharging, short current protection, reverse polarity protection
  • Improved charging efficiency, more accurate charging  and less voltage drops
  • Longer battery life compared to the other PWM controllers based on more simple and cheaper schemes and circuits and available charging states
  • LED screens reports the current operation state in real time 
  • ability different operating states to be set by you.


Rated charge current: 30A
Rated load current: 30A
Work voltage: 12V/24V AUTO
No load losses current: 5mA-20mA (only when digital LEDs being lighted)
Charging circuit voltage drop: ≤0.26V
Load circuit voltage drop: ≤0.15V
Over voltage protection: 14.8V; x2/24V
Boost charge voltage: 14.6V; x2/24V
Direct charge voltage: 14.4V; x2/24V
Float charge voltage: 13.6V; x2/24V
Charge recover voltage: 13.2V; x2/24V
Over discharge recover voltage: 12.6V; x2/24V
Lower voltage indication: 12.0V; x2/24V
Over discharge voltage: 11.1V; x2/24V (no load) real-time modified voltage by the discharge rate
Temperature compensation: -4.0 MV/℃ 2V (boost voltage direct charge, float charge and charge return voltage compensation)
Control method: PWM pulse-duration modulation charge mode
Working temperature: industry stage: -35℃~+55℃
Color: black

Package content:

1*Digital PWM 30A Solar Charge Controller
1*User Manual

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