Mohoo 20A Charge Controller Solar Charge Regulator Intelligent USB Port Display 12V-24V


Mohoo 20A Solar Charge Controller is a very reliable and proven in practice  charge controller ensuring  automatic management of charging and discharging processes of  your 12V/24V solar battery, thus prolonging and improving this battery life.

All battery charging  states come with a default value.

If you want to,  you can adjust this default value to suit best the technical characteristics of your solar battery.

The application of the latest electronic circuits and schemes along with high volume manufacturing provides the very competitive price of this solar charge controller.

Mohoo 20A Charge Controller exhibits one of the best price performance ratio available at the solar market.

The  special mechanical design protects this controler  from humidity,  moisture and insects.

Thanks to the automatic management no further adjustments are required  If you want to stick with the default settings of the controller.

Otherwise, just set your  values that correspond to your battery charging states including discharging stop voltage and discharge reconnect voltage  and the controller will continue to do its work automatically.

The solar charge controller can automatically detect and select the nominal battery voltage, i.e 12V or 24V.

It can manage only 12V or 24V solar batteries.

As per USA standard recommendations this solar charge controller can manage a solar panel or solar array with short circuit current up to 12,8 A (Isc=12.8A).

Please refer to the technical documentation of your solar panel or solar module to find out the  short circuit current of your panel.

Battery Voltage: 12V/24V auto
Charge Current: 20A
Discharge Current: 20A
Working Temperature: -35 Celsius to +60 Celsius
Application: Home, Industrial, Commercial
Self consumption: 10mA
Float Charge: 13V(default,adjustable)
Discharge stop:10.7V(default,adjustable)
Discharge reconnect:12.6V(default,adjustable)
LED display
PWM battery charging
All necessary protections equipped
Adjustable controlling parameter of the system

Package Includes:
1 x Solar Charge Controller
1 x User Manual

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