5000 Watt 200AH Solar Generator & (2) 100 Watt Solar Panels

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This solar generator can power loads with up to 5000 Watt Peak power and  with 2500W continuous power.

Two 100 Watt Solar Panels can provide on average of 1000 W h power to the 30 amp  charge controller of this solar power  generator.

The two  100 Watt Solar Panels Have 25 Year Warranty

200 amp hour battery bank provides 2400Wh


This quiet and safe  solar power generator with two panels and a battery bank of 200Ah can be used  for providing  electricity  in flats and homes, because it works safely without any noise and fumes.

You can use this solar equipment to backup up/power/  your most important loads in your house in case of emergency and power outages as well.

The solar generator could be successfully used for camping and other outdoor activities.

Please have in mind that due to generator weight the battery and solar power generator are shipped separately.

Upon arrival you can assemble them very easily by putting the battery inside and  connecting two sets of wires.

Based on Solar Power Shop engineers estimation the generator can provide on average about 650-750 Wh electricity daily, applicable for average USA sun  conditions,  thank to the  sun power converted and  stored in the battery every day. Please have in mind that this assumption is based on ideal conditions and optimal solar panel tilt towards the sun.

If you need more electricity it would be at expense of the rest of energy stored in advance in the battery bank. The battery bank can provide up to 2400Wh electricity.

Therefore, you need to consume no more than 650-750Wh electricity if you want to keep the battery charged  at the same level.

Technical Specifications

The solar power generator consists of:

  • 2x 100Wp Solar panels with 25 year warranty
  • 200 amp hour battery bank  providing 2400 Wh power
  • 30 amp Charge Controller For Fast, Reliable battery  charging and preserving battery life time
  • Rugged & Portable Case
  • output power quasy sinusoid 110 V AC.

According to the vendor’s technical specifications the solar generator can sustain up to 5000Wat peak loads and  2500Wat continuous power.

If you want pure sine wave power you should invest extra $200 for a pure sine inverter.

Product dimensions:

Solar power generator:  30x18x19 inches and weighs approx 135lbs.

Solar panels are 39.7×26.7×1.4 inches,Weight: 17 lbs

Vendor: Be Prepared Solar

If you need an additional charger to charge the battery bank when the solar panels are not connected to the system you should by it separately.

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