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Do you feel you have the capability to design your solar power system yourself but you lack a proper kind of resource to do it?

Yes, you are getting both confused and disappointed with the all related stuff you find on the web, feeling that you’ve got the pieces of the puzzle but you lack a guide how to put them together to launch your solar project as soon as possible.

What you actually need is a guide for proven simple and fast design of solar electric systems for your home, office or vehicle. The book “Ultimate Solar Power Design Guide – Less Theory, More Practice” is what exactly matches your needs.

This solar power guide is written by experts of solar power systems and is intended both for beginners and advanced users.

It reveals you the secrets of solar power design, so that you eventually come up with a properly designed photovoltaic system that is cost-effective, efficient and reliable.

The main drawback of thousands of solar information resources you could easily find both online and offline is that they provide too much general information about solar power system design, with little or even no real applicability.

Furthermore, you could easily get bored with tones of useless info that is available high and low.

Often you find impractical examples that are far from your case and you end up still wondering how to wire and put all the needed solar system components together.

Therefore, what you need is a proven and simple approach to design a solar electric system of any scale that will cover electrical consumption of your home, business, boat, recreational vehicle or any other electricity consuming facility.

This book offers you an approach different from the currently dominant ones.

We provide you with lots of simple step-by-step universal design methods that are applicable to any case – starting from very simple solar power systems and ending with sophisticated ones.

All the design methods are supported by a number of working examples, thus proving the feasibility of each approach.

Here are the approaches suggested by the book, depending on the type of solar power system you need:
• Business sizing – simple and fast but not too accurate for any case
Basic sizing – not so fast but more accurate
• Advanced sizing – the most accurate but even slower than the basic one.

You could use the business sizing approach to size simple PV systems that are located usually outdoors, or apply it with fair accuracy to small solar systems for RV vehicles and boats. For a higher accuracy, you should use the basic approach.

If you need to size a typical grid-tied or off-grid PV system, both the basic and the advanced approaches might be suitable.
Grab the Book “The Ultimate Solar Power Design Guide: Less Theory More Practice”  and Go Solar Now!


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